Fresh, happy, attractive and lovely smelling! Your furry friend will nothing less when you book a grooming appointment with us. We aim to provide the best quality grooms, while pampering and positively reinforcing good grooming behaviour to ensure that your dog leaves calm and happy. For images of our grooming please see the gallery page.

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 We provide three DIY baths with necessary equipment here and ready to go! All you need to bring is your furry friend and yourself. DIY baths are operational 7 days a week and do not require booking. Our DIY baths times are limitless so take as long as you like to have you dog look perfect. 

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419 Bridge Road,

Richmond VIC 3121

PH: (03) 9421 4950

Email: nick@laundrymutt.com.au


This page was last updated 13/2/21 


We are located in Richmond with free parking behind our store in Palmer Street, with front and rear store entrance.