Holly is one of our newest, brightest and bubbliest dog groomers. Holly is a qualified groomer from a professional Melbourne dog grooming school and we are excited to have her as part of our Laundrymutt family. Holly also has lots of experience both within and out of the dog world. She has a love and passion for dogs and is a regular volunteer at Guide Dogs Victoria. 


May is one of our long standing dog groomers with over two years experience at Laundrymutt. In addition to her formal qualifications in Melbourne, where she topped her class, May has received additional training here by very senior external training groomers. Since joining us she has expanded her grooming skills to include specific breed clipping and is highly regarded by our customers for calm and consistent grooming finishing.  


Sarah is one of our long standing dog groomers. Sarah has been trained both on-site by senior groomers and external training groomers with over 20 years grooming experience. Sarah has a background in Fashion Design, accurate scissor skills and a creative passion. Sarah has several years experience working with dogs and grooming including breed clips. She is currently completing a degree in psychology and has much knowledge in behaviour and positive reinforcement. 

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